Luxury hotel in Finistère: direction Locquirec

On the seaside, overhanging from the top of a cliff, is the Grand Hotel des Bains. Magnificent establishment, this luxury hotel in Finistère is the promise of an enchanting stay.

Luxury hotel in Finistère, the splendor of Brittany and hotel excellence

Even before you push the door of the Grand Hotel des Bains of Locquirec, you will already feel as if you have been bewitched by the place. There is the charm of the city, the imposing stature of the building, but above all this magnificent view of the sea that nothing can hinder. You will find it from your room or from the restaurant's dining room thanks to the huge bay windows. Overlooking the sea, this luxury hotel in Finistère even allows direct access to the nearby beach. The location of the hotel is simply exceptional and magnificent. But luxury is also the luxury of an establishment that puts its customers in the spotlight. Carefully decorated in shades of pearl gray and in the style of New England, the woodwork, the modern equipment of large rooms with sea view, a complete spa with sauna, hammam and massages, how can you not feel at home in this luxury Finistère hotel?

Luxury hotel Finistère, a trip to the heart of Brittany

Everything breathes Brittany in this luxury hotel in Finistère: the fabrics, the decorative elements, the elegant atmosphere of this former pension that has become a top-of-the-range hotel. It is also in the DNA of the establishment to have always made it a point of honor to welcome its guests in an exceptional setting. This does not prevent the Grand Hotel des Bains from being adapted to modern tastes and from offering the best in each room with top-of-the-range bedding, WIFI, and a terrace with a view of the sea. Passing through for the night or to enjoy the beauty of the Brittany coasts, you won't miss the services of this luxury hotel in Finistère, starting with its magnificent spa. Sauna and hammam, heated seawater swimming pool, sunbathing and massage, you will live a moment out of time, a bubble of well-being just for you. Finally, the luxury is that of gastronomy. More than just a beautiful table, the hotel's restaurant and its Brasserie de la Plage are an ode to the products of the region, to the specialties of Finistère and to the richness of a sea that constantly renews gastronomic surprises.