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Tourism & Leisure


Endless heavenly walks

Open the hotel gate and go for a hike along the breathtakingly beautiful customs trail. There are many routes to discover, in all seasons. There are tombs dating from the Bronze Age, parish enclosures, a bird sanctuary, Gallo-Roman baths and some of the most beautiful beaches and creeks in France.

We will be happy to organize a picnic for you or recommend a place for lunch.


Paddle around the Pointe

In partnership with SurfPlaya, go paddling from the surfing beach of Pors ar Villec a few meters from the hotel. Cross the green island and pass in front of the beach of the Grand Hôtel des Bains to finish the walk between the pleasure boats of the port of Locquirec.
Surfing lessons for all levels are also available all year round.

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Electric bike rides

In association with Les Vélos de la Baie, Yann, a child of Tregor, will make you discover paths, places and magnificent landscapes in complete safety. Between land and sea, this tour starts at the seaside in Locquirec and goes away to a multitude of fields and chapels of all beauty, to meet the heritage.

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Explore the bay of Morlaix on an old sailing ship.

Embark for a half-day or a full day on board the traditional sailing ship Amzer'zo. Sail in the universe of the sailors of the last century on board an old working sailboat. Take part in the maneuvers or let yourself be carried along by the water.

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In Brest, Océanopolis promises you a unique world tour in the heart of the oceans. 10 000 animals evolving in temperate, polar or tropical environments, a surprising biodiversity, aquariums with fascinating colors.

The magic of the faithfully reconstituted marine universe is sure to work!


The islands


Many islands, each one more beautiful than the other, are to be discovered in our beautiful region.

Batz Island: off Roscoff, Batz Island is a small island commune. 15 minutes of crossing are enough to reach it from Roscoff.

Brehat Island: Separated from the land by an arm of the sea, Brehat is only ten minutes away by boat from the tip of Arcouest. And yet... The change of scenery is immediate on this island renamed "the island of flowers" for the variety of its flora and the beauty of its landscapes. A real little corner of paradise.

Callot Island: Callot lives to the rhythm of the tides. Accessible on foot or by car at low tide, it finds its island identity at high tide.

The 7 islands: the archipelago of the Seven Islands, off Perros-Guirec, is home to 27 species of nesting birds among which we observe 12 species of seabirds, that is to say more than 23 000 couples. Boat excursions from Perros-Guirec.



There are numerous attractions in or around Locquirec.

Enclosed Churches:
sign of the economic prosperity of the region in the 16th & 17th century, there are composed of a church, a surrounding wall and a large gate or decorative arch with a calvary or an ossuary.

The Barnenez Cairn:
it is the largest Megalithic tomb in Europe. It dates from between 4500 to 3500 BC.

The Château de Rosanbo:
the large Chateau, surrounded by a park, is considered one of the most notable in Brittany, and has been lived in for over 600 years.

Morlaix: the town with three hills.
A rich and turbulent history has left a strong architectural impression on this town, whose very specific geography means there are numerous viewpoints from which to appreciate its beauty.

a city with very ancient origins, traces of the Gauls and Romans have been found. The town was a key point to cross the Leguer valley to get to the coast.

Fondation Hélène & Edouard Leclerc pour la culture:
Founded in 2011 at the Landerneau Capucins, this is a cultural foundation which aims to bring high quality exhibitions to a wide public audience.
Its 2017 Picasso exhibition was a great success. "Libres Figurations, Années 80" is on until from the 10th of December.





Try one of the popular local markets for home-grown fruit, vegetables, delicious cheeses and of course fresh fish and seafood, as well as other local specialities such as honey and lavender products, crafts and those famous Breton sweaters!

  • Locquirec: Wednesdays
  • Plestin les Grèves: Sundays
  • Morlaix: Tuesdays
  • Lannion: Thursdays

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