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Arriving at the Grand Hôtel des Bains, opening the white wooden gate and seeing the stunning view over the bay of Locquirec, you can feel the perfect setting. The magic starts.

Your welcome is friendly, helpful, polite, but not ostentatious. The wood panelled walls give a charm and warmth.


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Live by the rhythm of the tides


From your bedroom one can watch the tide coming in and out, the fishing boats heading to and from port, and the sun charting its course across the sky. Time stands still and allows for rest, relaxation, and inspiration. In the gardens, on a deckchair facing the sea, the air is « iodé », a Breton description for the unique sea quality of the air. The sun warms and the gentle breeze refreshes.

As evening falls, in the bar a fire crackles in the fireplace each evening, announcing the end of another happy day. The stunning seascape from the restaurant means that all the senses are indulged. The best of the sea ais not only in front of your eyes, but on your plate. Guests are welcomed with the highest attention to quality and enjoyment. The following morning at breakfast, the sea will be there, undoubtedly different, undoubtedly beautiful. Coming in or going out, always changing, the start of a new day in this corner of paradise.

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