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4 stars is the very least that is needed to characterize the Grand Hôtel des Bains in Locquirec. This 4-star hotel in Brittany by the sea, with its discreet luxury, its gourmet restaurant and its top-of-the-range facilities, welcomes you as its most precious guest.

4 star hotel with sea view, welcome to Brittany at the Grand Hotel des Bains

The Grand Hotel des Bains is a charming hotel in Locquirec. This 4-star hotel located by the sea combines charm, tranquillity and authenticity. The Grand Hotel des Bains is ideally located on the border of Finistère and Côtes d'Armor in France. From tales of sailing to stories of fairies, druids and Breton heroes, Brittany is also rich in landscapes. It is in a preserved and iodized part of Brittany that this charming hotel in Brittany is located. Let yourself be seduced by Locquirec, where the sea takes pride of place, whether calm or wild as it can sometimes be, where the sky is adorned with a few touches of grey and brings even more depth to the old stones of this very picturesque region!

Let yourself be carried away by this fairytale world of the ocean by staying in this 4-star hotel in Brittany on the Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of a room with a view of the sea, the comfort of a living room and a cosy dining room, this is what our hotel in Locquirec offers you to discover this beautiful french region. The Grand Hotel des Bains is also the ideal destination for an exceptional family holiday.

The Locquirec peninsula, an ideal place for a unique stay in Bretagne.

What if the beauty of a place was simply found in a 4-star hotel in Brittany by the seaside? A few words that attract curiosity and reverie! Imagine a hotel delicately placed on the seashore on the Locquirec peninsula ... The greenery of a garden, rose bushes, proud trees under which tables and chairs languish in front of the waves, sometimes gentle and sometimes rough. This is already a glimpse of the Grand Hôtel des Bains, this 4-star hotel in Locquirec with its feet in the water. But it is said that beauty is not only outside! And it's true, you only have to enter this magnificent boutique hotel and spa to marvel at the immaculate and romantic décor of the English charm rooms. The visit continues and we succumb to the comfort of the So British lounge. To finish, the dining room welcomes us to offer the most beautiful view: the garden with a seaside background. But that's not all, a treasure is hidden! The hotel's Spa allows you to pamper yourself in complete privacy. Well-being will be at the heart of your stay with a covered marine spa, with salt water heated to 29°.

Hotel in Britanny with 4 stars, a hidden nugget in Locquirec

Quietly, with a discretion that is typical of it, the Grand Hôtel des Bains in Locquirec has been able to establish a relationship of trust with its guests over the years. From this 4-star hotel by the sea in Finistère, everyone knows that they will find a breathtaking, magnificent view of the coast, its vegetation and the waves crashing against the rocks. The decor even deserves 5 stars. As for the facilities, they are also very much up to the standard of a 4-star resort hotel in Brittany. Sea water spa with heated swimming pool, regional gastronomic restaurant, typical New England decoration, modern equipment, ideal bedding, you are in a 4 star hotel by the sea. The luxury and prestige of the 4-star hotels are lost in the majestic spectacle of the Breton sea, but leave you with a feeling of comfort and absolute happiness.

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