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A 4 star hotel on the Cote de granit rose for a successful stay in Brittany

The diversity of landscapes is part of the richness of Brittany, in France. Among these, the Pink Granite Coast is an essential site to enjoy the charm and mysteries of Brittany. Of course, this characteristic shade of granite offers a unique spectacle, which you will take pleasure in immortalizing. Facing the lipid waters of the English Channel, the Breton coastline alternates between steep beaches and cliffs, making the landscape even more attractive.

As everywhere else in Bretagne, the natural riches also offer you the opportunity to go on a journey through the history of the region. To explore the Pink Granite Coast, why not take the famous customs path ? Marvel at the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h or feel the mysteries of Brittany by admiring the Oratory of Saint-Guirec. There is no shortage of ideas to make your stay unforgettable, so make it even more attractive by choosing a boutique hotel & Spa on the Pink Granite Coast, the Grand Hôtel des Bains

A 4-star boutique hotel to make the most of your stay on the Pink Granite Coast

If the beauty of the sea and the Breton landscapes have attracted you to the Pink Granite Coast, then the Grand Hôtel des Bains in Locquirec will be the perfect place to organise each of your excursions. This boutique hotel on the Pink Granite Coast invites you to take possession of one of its 36 rooms with sea view of course . A 4-star luxury hotel, the Grand Hôtel des Bains was built on the remains of a former monastery. Since 1996, the former boarding house, which was the setting for the famous film "l'hôtel de la plage", the establishment has been transformed to offer you the refinement and luxury you would expect.

Your hotel in Brittany, France will be the perfect setting to recharge your batteries, by taking a seat at the table of its restaurant, where you will salivate in front of the products of the sea sublimated by the chef Michel Nicol, who is the only one to have been able to offer you the best of the best. You can sit at the table of the restaurant, where you can savour the sea products sublimated by the chef Michel Nicol, or by letting yourself dream around the fireplace, which is the charm of the bar of the luxury hotel. On the Locquirec peninsula, along the bay of Lannion, the Grand Hôtel des Bains will even be the occasion of an even more soothing moment, if you push the door of its marine spa.

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